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The definition of luxury real estate is different as you move from market-to-market across the country. When you're paying a premium for the ideal property, people want the most knowledgeable and experienced sales associates to represent them. My career as a luxury sales professional makes me your ideal choice during your search.

Here are the points to remember as we start your home search.

  • It's Not Just About Price
    When you see "luxury home" on a listing, the home is likely expensive. Typically, luxury homes are priced high for their market; however, this can mean a $500,000 price tag is a luxury home in one market. In another market, the home's price point could be $5 million or more.
  • Living a Luxury Lifestyle
    A luxury home has amenities that contribute to a luxury lifestyle. An exceptional master suite with a large walk-in closet, a swimming pool, or a large home theater room may make the home feel more luxurious.
  • Premier Materials
    You'll find only the best possible materials in a luxury home. From rich and exotic hardwoods to state-of-the-art appliances, these homes have the best of the best. Small details made from superior quality materials are what make luxury homes stand apart.
  • A Desirable Location
    Luxury homes are known for their desirable locations. For some markets, this may be a home in a bustling city. In other markets, this could be a home in a secluded location or sitting alongside a body of water. 

As a sales associate who knows our local luxury market, I'm here to help you throughout your home buying journey. Contact me at any time with questions or to get started.

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Charlotte Gray
Coldwell Banker American Homes
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